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Starting to sew course 
Sewing class bundle of 12 hours: Beginner friendly!
You will complete 2 to 3 projects per course like a tote bag, a simple top, a skirt with waistband, a palazzo pants ... or any project you have in mind.

Curriculum: Thread a sewing machine and wind a bobbin / Sewing machine handling: feed fabric through/ sew in a straight line and turn corners / Explore the range of features and stitches on the machine / Sew different types of seams / sew in zipper / Understand the sequence of construction of a project / Cut your fabric properly / Tips and tricks for sewing corners, round shapes, pockets / Hem and basic finishing

6 weeks (1 day a week), 2 hour class from 6pm-8pm (Enroll anytime ) / Sewing Machine provided
Cost: 6 classes bundle, 276$
New Westminster Tuesdays , 6pm-8:00pm, Centennial Lodge Art Gallery, Queens Park
Port Coquitlam Mondays, 6pm-8:00pm, Unit 701- 2071 Kingsway Avenue, Port Coquitlam
Intermediate Sewing
This intermediate course will take you to the next level of sewing. Complete 2 to 3 projects per course like a classic shirt, a pant with zipper fly, a blouse, a coat, any type of dresses, a knits (stretch) garments

Curriculum: Professional finishing of sewing projects / closures systems (invisible zippers , button tab, buttonholes) sewing blouses, dresses and skirts with linings / Altering garments for better fitting using commercial patterns / Advanced hand sewing techniques / Sewing and alteration of pants (including leg shape alteration) / sewing stretch and silk fabrics / Sew knitwear products (tee-shirts, leggings) using a Serger machine

6 weeks (1 day a week), 2 hour class (Enroll anytime )
Cost: 6 classes bundle, 276$
Port Coquitlam Thursdays 6pm-8:00pm, Unit 701- 2071 Kingsway Avenue, Port Coquitlam
Pattern Drafting course

Mae Studio Pattern drafting classes are created to teach you the foundation of clothing design, whereas you are wanting to expand your abilities to create more custom fitting garments for yourself or are looking to gain in depth Pattern drafting knowledge for your professional career .

Curriculum: Drafting the sleeve, top and pant  Block ( sloper ) / Proper body measurement /   Basic pattern Drafting principles and concepts / Design your own personal top and create a flat sketch of it to plan better for drafting / Pattern transformation ( pivoting a dart, how to add seam allowances, creating  body styles through manipulating the block , neckline and armhole drafting) / How to write all the instructions on your pattern correctly by adding grainline / seam allowances and notches to your pattern pieces

4 weeks (1 day a week), 12 hours for 345$ (Four classes of 3 hours, Enroll anytime)
Minimum 2 students, maximum 4
Contact us to schedule a class time at : thesewingsquad@gmail.com
Port Coquitlam Unit 701- 2071 Kingsway Avenue, Port Coquitlam
Introduction to sewing machine use
Our “Introduction to Sewing ” class will review all the steps to gain confidence in making your sewing projects a reality.
The class will review all necessary basic sewing machine skills, but also how to create a beginner-level sewing project : a lined tote style bag.

On completion of this class, participants will confidently be able to:
- thread a sewing machine and wind a bobbin.
- feed the fabric through, sew in a straight line and turn corners.
- explore the range of features and stitches on the machine.
- troubleshoot common errors and be aware of them!
- sew different types of seams
- Use the pins, cutting your fabric properly
- Put a small snap button. Sewing Machine provided
The fabric material for your tote Bag in addition.
We will recommend a fabric store and a list of materials at registration

Please note that this workshop is for those aged 18 and over. 
Cost: $75 ( Fabric included )

Time : Thursday, February 1st 6 pm, 9 pm
  or Thursday, February 22nd,  6 pm, 9 pm
Location: Port Coquitlam, 2071 Kingsway Avenue, unit 701
Make a Crossbody Bag
Improve your sewing skills by making a crossbody bag.
This functional item can carry a small wallet, phone and keys and is an excellent introduction to making a wide range of bags afterward.The workshop will last 5 hours,
and we will review all the elements and techniques to consider when sewing bags and small accessories ( from sourcing and upcycling part of the right material to cutting and sewing your own pattern and different types of closures ( snap buttons, zippers, scratch, hooks ).

What you will learn:
-How to cut a pattern from fabric
-Different sewing techniques ( sewing more layers with a home machine, reinforcing seams
-Sewing technical material ( nylon ) 
-Finishing seamsApply a snap button on the fabric
-The sewing machine and fabric material for the workshop are provided
 Please note that this workshop is for those aged 18 and over.

 Cost: $75 
Time: Thursday,  February 15th , 5pm-9pm
Location: Port Coquitlam Studio 
Upcycle your clothes
This 5 hours workshop is an opportunity to learn the basics of "upcycling" clothes.
The secret to looking and feeling your best is wearing clothes that fit and we often find great vintage pieces that needs small alterations.
If you want to learn how to give a second life to a cherished piece of clothe , or found a rare vintage piece that needs small adjustments , this workshop is for you !

We will learn the main techniques to transform your clothes and enjoy how to make your creative ideas a reality.
- Lengthen/shorten  top and sleeves, skirts or pants
- Sew a patch or embroidered piece over a spot or hole
-Widen a garment
-Merge two garments into one
The Sewing Machine and tools are provided

The participant will need  We will recommend  stores and a list of material at the registration
Please note that this workshop is for those aged 18 and over.

Cost: $95 
Time  Sunday February 4th,  10 am-3 pm
Location: Port Coquitlam Studio
“Alter your Sewing Patterns for a Better Fit" Workshop 1
Part 2 of this introduction to pattern drafting series of workshop is dedicated to Pant pattern analysis.
Learn how to alter the pant pattern and make the correct changes to a commercial patterns.
You will learn all the tips to alter the pant pattern and achieve the desired fit .
You will be pleased to achieve an outstanding result !
Knowledge you will gain:
-Learning about the basics of pattern drafting and Blocks
-Understand pants common fit issues
-Perform a few pattern alteration using pattern drafting tools ( ruler , marker )
-Start a new perfectly fitting pants sewing project !

Cost: $85 Time  Sunday February 17th,  2pm-5 pm 
Location: Port Coquitlam Studio

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