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We put our design expertise and technical knowledge at the service of up-and-coming designers as well as more established brand's design ideas.
Sewing Classes Workshop
Sewing Classes
Consulting & Mentorship

This preliminary design phase expands the research and brainstorm design solutions to sketch prototypes ideas. We gather materials options and advice on sustainable process and practice.

Pattern Making & Sampling

The whole process of creating a garment and getting it market ready includes drafting a pattern, creating one to a few samples and approving the final sample.

Small Batch Production

The production phases includes grading the pattern in all sizes and reviewing all trims and fit details before moving on to production.

Tech Packs

For brands wanting to produce with other manufacturers, we create a technical file describing the sample created.


“Create your  top” Pattern Drafting  Introduction Workshop -
October 19th, 21st and 26th Vancouver, BC

Sewing Classes Port Coquitlam
Our consulting services include: